Lab Resources and Visual Guides BIOL 121

Microscope Lab

Laboratory Rules

Microscope Lab Information

Microscope Photo

Microscope Labeling

Histology Labs

Histology Lab - Part 1 Information

Histology Lab - Part 2 Information

Histology Lab Slide Review (PDF)

Histology Lab Slide Review (PPT)

Histology Lab Overview (PDF)

Histology Lab Overview (PPT)

Histology Lab Visual Guide (PDF)

Histology Photos

Histology Lab Practice Quiz (PDF)

Histology Lab Practice Quiz (PPT)

Epithelial Tissue Worksheet

Connective Tissue Worksheet

Muscular Tissue Worksheet

Nervous Tissue Worksheet

Tissue Photos

Simple Squamous Epithelium 1

Simple Cuboidal Epithelium 1

Simple Cuboidal Epithelium 2

Simple Columnar Epithelium 1

Simple Columnar Epithelium 2

Stratified Squamous Epithelium 1

Stratified Squamous Epithelium 2

Pseudostratified Columnar Epithelium 1

Pseudostratified Columnar Epithelium 2

Transitional Epithelium 1

Transitional Epithelium 2

Areolar Connective Tissue 1

Areolar Connective Tissue 2

Adipose Connective Tissue 1

Adipose Connective Tissue 2

Reticular Connective Tissue 1

Reticular Connective Tissue 2

Blood 1

Blood 2

Dense Regular Connective Tissue 1

Dense Regular Connective Tissue 2

Dense Irregular Connective Tissue 1

Elastic Connective Tissue 1

Compact Bone 1

Compact Bone 2

Hyaline Cartilage 1

Hyaline Cartilage 2

Elastic Cartilage 1

Elastic Cartilage 2

Fibrocartilage 1

Skeletal Muscle 1

Cardiac Muscle 1

Cardiac Muscle 2

Smooth Muscle 1

Neuron 1

Neuron 2

Skeleton Labs

Axial Skeleton Lab Information

Axial Skeleton Visual Guide (PDF)

Axial Skeleton Visual Guide (PPT)

Appendicular Skeleton Lab Information

Appendicular Skeleton Visual Guide (PDF)

Appendicular Skeleton Visual Guide (PPT)

Bone Diagrams

Muscle Labs

Muscle Lab Information

Muscles of the Upper Body Visual Guide (PDF)

Muscles of the Upper Body Visual Guide (PPT)

Muscles of the Lower Body Visual Guide (PDF)

Muscles of the Lower Body Visual Guide (PPT)

Heart Lab

Heart Lab Information

Heart Visual Guide (PDF)

Heart Visual Guide (PPT)

Blood Vessel Labs

Arteries Visual Guide (PDF)

Arteries Visual Guide (PPT)

Veins Visual Guide (PDF)

Veins Visual Guide (PPT)