About Professor Swatski

About Professor Swatski

Welcome to my biology website! I graduated from Millersville University (B.S., Biology) and Florida Tech (M.S., Marine Biology), where I researched stingray reproduction and sea slug (yes, sea slug!) physiology and ecology in-between frequent scuba diving trips to the Florida Keys.  I have been teaching a variety of Biology courses at the Lancaster and Lebanon Campuses of HACC since 1996, and at the York Campus full-time since Fall 2007, where I am currently a Professor of Biology.  In my previous life I taught high school biology and environmental science (grades 9-12) for 9 years.  I enjoy developing creative and engaging uses of technology in biology education (Apple iOS - iTunes U, iPad, iPhone, online tools, podcasting, digital illustration, photography, and video), and exploring the relationship between biology, learning, and the visual arts.  Since Fall 2015, I have been teaching 1:1 flipped anatomy and physiology classes which require each learner to bring their own mobile device (iPhone or iPad).  I have been using my own private iTunes U course in these classes.  In April 2017, I was honored to be selected as an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE), and was invited to attend the ADE Worldwide Institute in July 2018, and the ADE Americas Institute in July 2019.  Outside of teaching, I enjoy running (all distances - 5k through ultramarathons), drawing, reading, comic books, horror movies, music, and travel.

Email: rjswatsk@hacc.edu

Twitter: @ProfSwatski

Apple Books and iTunes U: Search "Swatski"

Quizlet Marketplace:  https://quizlet.com/features/A-PlusAnatomy

Fall 2020 Courses:

BIOL 121 - Anatomy and Physiology I (CRN 25690)

      Lec: Tues/Thurs 11:00a-12:15p (L-139); Lab: Thurs 8:00-10:40a (L-127)

BIOL 121 - Anatomy and Physiology I (Blended with iOS) (CRN 20858)

      Lec: Mon 8:00-9:15a (L-112); Lab: Mon 9:30a-12:10p (L-109)

BIOL 206 - Ecology (CRN 26043)

      Lec: Tues/Thurs 12:30-1:45p (L-116); Lab: Thurs 2:00-4:40p (L-127)