A-Plus Anatomy Series on iTunes U and Apple Books

NOW AVAILABLE in Apple Books... the first two low-cost OER multitouch textbooks in my A-Plus Anatomy series, The Life of a Cell and The Histology Comic Book! Both books are written and illustrated by Professor Rob Swatski. The Life of a Cell ($3.99) is a 240+ page interactive e-book that reviews the fundamentals of introductory biology and anatomy, with a focus on basic human anatomy, chemistry, and cell biology. It is written to complement any introductory biology course, such as Anatomy and Physiology I, General Biology I, Introduction to Human Biology, and Introduction to Cells and Molecules.


The Histology Comic Book ($2.99) is an exciting new multitouch textbook in the popular A-Plus Anatomy series that is an interactive resource on human tissues to accompany any introductory course in human biology, anatomy and physiology, general biology, or basic life science. The unique visual design of this book is intended to help students more effectively understand the essential concepts of tissue histology, the structure and function of epithelial, connective, muscular, and nervous tissues, and how to identify 25 of the most common types of tissue using the microscope. The Histology Comic Book features 100 original illustrations, over 40 high-quality digital photomicrographs, pop-up labels, and review quizzes, all created by the book’s author.


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Mobile Learning Projects in the iOS Classroom

Are you a faculty member interested in teaching with mobile devices? Are you curious to learn how you can adopt project-based learning activities in your life science classroom? Are you a student looking for examples of projects to help inspire your own creations? If so, this FREE multitouch book is for you! Please enjoy this student and faculty resource guide for using iPads and iPhones in the 1:1 biology classroom. Download now on Apple Books!


HACC President Ski Visits BIOL 121 Blended with iOS - 11/27/17

We were excited to have Dr. Ski visit our biology lab to experience first-hand how my students are using iPhones and iPads in active learning exercises to learn human anatomy. The students were working on various blood circulation projects during his hour-long visit and he helped several groups create Claymation blood flow videos using the iMotion app! It was a visit to remember and my students were quite impressed that our College President took the time out of his busy schedule to visit the class and chat with them about their experiences in this unique learning environment.

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